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Eastablished in 2013 - An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage

Book Publication Services

National /International

API Calculator

Calculate API - UGC Norms 2018

Digital Library

E- Library for College /Students

DOI Numbers

Free for Journals and Authors

EJMS - Journals Management

E Portal for Journals Management

Membership Portal for Organisations

For Association and Journals

Edwin Soft

Only Automation Services

International Conference (Services)

With South Asia Management Association

Academic Achiever Awards

With South Asia Management Association

One Membership

Help Desk

Our Experts

  • Dr. Prashant Mishra

    Managing Director

  • Mr. Mahendra Singh

    Account Head

  • Dr. J.S.Kadyan

    Operation Manager

  • Dr. Bondey

    International Business Co-ordinator

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